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But Wait, There’s MORE!

As we work toward the kickstarter campaign — now scheduled for May 2016 — we’ve developed a few accessories that make the Catch & Release series a more complete kit. Introducing four new products: a beverage holder, shooting head wallet, and two sizes of reel cases for your large and smaller reels.

Beverage Holder — This insulated beverage holder will serve your needs for the entire fishing trip, from early morning coffee to afternoon beer.

Beverage Holder on Belt

The dual-purpose beverage holder attaches the Catch & Release beltpack, or any belt, and fits a 16 oz. thermos, water bottle, or a “tall boy” can of beer.


Shooting Head Wallet 

Shooting head wallet — The wallet features mesh separators to keep your shooting heads organized and fits neatly into the rotating beltpack.

Small Reel Case

Large and Small Reel Cases — Keep your expensive reels safe and organized with these protective reel cases. Stack reels/spools vertically or horizontally.

Large Reel CaseBy now, you’re probably wondering when you can get your hands on the Catch & Release fly-fishing series. As we mentioned, we’ve pushed the Kickstarter date out to May, but our final delivery has not changed — we’re still on target to ship KickStarter orders in September 2016. We know that seems far away, but production processes are long and we’ve only just finalized the bag.

Keep up to date on our progress and you’ll be fishing with the Catch & Release this Fall!

Written by Ted Meister — March 29, 2016


Eli Lothrop :

Adding a hook or holder for bear spray? For us deep back country guys? Just a thought. Also a spot for a small waste basket liner to pick up trash on your journey.

April 01, 2016 at 09:04 PM

Ted Meister:

Yes, a typical bear spray canister can be attached to the waist belt. I can’t post a photo in comments but you can download a shot here:

A more elegant a solution would be one that can be attached to other parts of the bag, like this:

You could put a waste basket liner (unused) possibly in the small zippered pocket on the left-side of the waist belt or within the interior of the main compartment. Once it’s full, you’d have to put it in the main compartment.

Hope that helps!

April 07, 2016 at 01:04 PM

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