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Kickstarter Delayed — Development on Schedule

We had planned to launch the Catch & Release Kickstarter campaign today but we've decided to fine-tune the campaign (and the pack) — so we plan to launch in mid-June. We're still on schedule for product finalization. In fact, we've added a few new details that will add more functionality and even a little pizazz.

Tippet Holder
Thanks to some much-appreciated user input from Montana Matt, we've added a special tippet holder to the rotating beltpack. Now your tippet spools are at your fingertips and secured to your pack instead of lost in your bag or dangling around your neck.


Exclusive Kickstarter Camo Interior!
Kickstarter backers will love this special camouflage interior, available ONLY on the Kickstarter production run. Everyone wants something special, and the interior is the icing on the cake for this amazing backpack.

We're in the final stretch and getting excited about launching the Kickstart campaign! Since you are an early subscriber to the Catch & Release blog, you will be the first to know when we go live. Stay tuned!

Written by Ted Meister — May 23, 2016

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