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R180 Fly Features

Aside from the rotation feature, we wanted to include features that meet the needs of avid fishermen. 

MindShift Gear Features

Quick-drying is a must so we lined the shoulder harness and back-panel with durable mesh.

MindShift Gear R180 Fly Features

Water-resistant zippers protect your gear if you take a dunk and multiple lash points allow for additional gear, such as nets, sun hat, etc.

MindShift Gear R180 Fly Features

The backpack’s front pocket is large enough to fit interchangeable soles or an extra layer of clothing while the main compartment fits waders, lunch and a couple beers.

MindShift Gear R180 Fly Features

We’re looking at multiple ways to secure rigged and/or unrigged rods and cases for both travel and river use. As the pack develops, we will determine the most functional method.

Written by Ted Meister — November 23, 2015

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