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The MindShift rotation180 Catch & Release™

As we finalize the design (P-2 version below), we have also officially named the backpack, the “rotation180° Catch & Release.” This name has dual meaning; the first is a nod to Catch & Release as a conservationist approach to fishing. Catch & Release also hints the buckle that catches and releases the rotating beltpack — a key feature of the backpack.

As you can see, the Catch & Release is looking great. We’re working on logo placement and have added a “fly patch” on each shoulder strap and on the top of the belt pack. We refined the rigged rod attachment on the side of the pack, and are fine-tuning the ability to instantly convert belt pack to chest pack.

Also in the works are accessory products, including a beverage holder, fly reel case, shooting head wallet and more. At the recent ISE expo, several fly fishing guides said, “I want one!”

It is getting fishy around here!

Written by Gene Sutton — February 19, 2016

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