MindShift Backpacks

Outdoor photographers require unique carry solutions that blend capacity, durability and gear access. At MindShift, we design backpacks to meet your personal needs and workflow, so you can focus on shooting rather than messing with your gear. Keep your creative momentum going and engage with nature for that perfect shot!

rotation180° Series Backpacks

rotation180° Professional 38L
rotation180° Horizon 34L
rotation180° Panorama 22L
rotation180° Trail® 16L
WAS $179.99
NOW $119.99

FirstLight Series Backpacks

FirstLight® 20L
FirstLight® 30L
FirstLight® 40L

BackLight Series Backpack

BackLight® 18L
BackLight® 26L
BackLight® 36L

UltraLight Series Backpacks

UltraLight™ Sprint 16L
UltraLight™ Dual 25L
UltraLight™ Dual 36L

Moose Peterson Series Backpacks

Moose Peterson MP-1 V2.0
Moose Peterson MP-3 V2.0
Moose Peterson MP-7 V2.0

TrailScape Series Backpack

TrailScape 18L

SidePath Series Backpack

WAS $99.99
NOW $79.99