DJI Mavic Pro

Shoulder Bags and Backpacks for the
DJI™ Mavic Pro

As drones get smaller, yet provide high quality photo and video, the DJI Mavic Pro has become an extremely popular addition to the average photography kit. While a DJI Mavic Pro will fit easily into all of our rollers and backpacks, here are a few suggested products that make an ideal transport solution. Always remember to observe the rules in your area and fly safely!

DJI Mavic
DJI Mavic Pro in BackLight® 26L

BackLight® 26L

BackLight® 26L
As an outdoor photographer, adding a DJI Mavic may become just another camera in your kit. Take your camera to places where only eagles dare!

FirstLight® 20L

FirstLight 20L
Add a DJI Mavic to your outdoor camera kit and get shots nobody else is getting. The FirstLight 20L easily fits a DJI Mavic along side your primary camera gear.

DJI Mavic Pro in FirstLight 20L
DJI Mavic Pro in rotation180° Horizon 34L

rotation180° Horizon 34L

rotation180° Horizon 34L
Using our rotation180 technology, you can access your DJI Mavic and a mirrorless camera without taking off your backpack.

TrailScape 18L

TrailScape 18L
Add a DJI Mavic Pro to your TrailScape 18L’s main camera kit and adventure far into the field for that epic shot.

DJI Mavic Pro in TrailScape 18L
DJI Mavic Pro in UltraLight™ Dual 25L

UltraLight™ Dual 25L

UltraLight™ Dual 25L
Access your DJI Mavic from the side panel (without having to take off the pack) or remove the inner camera compartment and carry your drone in the convertible shoulder bag.

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