Gear Pouch Cables & Power

SKU#: MS505

Your go to bag for GoPro® charging and attachment cables.

The MindShift GP Series is a group of carrying cases that provide easy organization for all the mounts, screws and accessories needed to outfit a working GoPro system. Built with flexibility and accessibility in mind, you can craft a GoPro kit that matches your own vision with a variety of convenient carrying options.


Price: $14.99

Product Features

Dedicated place for your GoPro cables and power supply:

  • Three red elastic ties included to help organize those cables
  • ID window includes a contents card to easily label your gear
  • Grab handle

GoPro Cables and Power

Gear Profile*

  • 1–2 Dual Battery Charger
  • Auto Charger
  • 1–2 Wall Charger
  • Wi-Fi Remote Charging Cable
  • 3.5 mm Mic Adapter
  • Combo Cable
  • Micro HDMI Cable
  • Composite Cable

*GoPro and accessories not included