rotation180° Travel Away® 22L

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When traveling abroad, you need quick access to essential items like your camera, passport, guidebook, phone and tablet — but protecting these items is a must. With MindShift’s patented rotation180° technology, the Travel Away backpack allows you to rotate the concealed beltpack to the front of your body for instantaneous access to your travel essentials. You'll also enjoy peace of mind knowing your most necessary and valuable items are stowed away securely and inaccessible to others.



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It provides easy access to a camera, maps, guidebook, etc. when you're walking around, and you can rotate the belt pack into the backpack (where it will be protected from pickpockets) when you don't need it."

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Product Features:

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Beltpack “stored”

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Beltpack "deployed"

Rotating beltpack accesses your travel essentials: 8” tablet (iPad mini), large point & shoot camera, maps, passport, currency, etc.

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Beltpack fully rotated while accessing iPad Mini or up to an 8" tablet

Backpack has dedicated pockets for up to a 15” laptop and a 10” tablet

Large belt-wing pockets fit a large point and shoot camera

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Backpack rear pocket provides quick access to camera, AC adapters, large sunglasses, books or other large items, passport, currency, etc.

Ultra-Stretch pocket for water bottle

Durable materials hold up in harsh conditions

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Breathable padded airflow harness with adjustable sternum strap and attachment points

2 bags in 1: Removable beltpack can be worn on its own for traveling light

Curved back panel with single aluminum stay for pack stability

rotation180° Travel Away® 22L
Additional room for books, jacket, extra clothing, hat, gloves, food and more


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Key Features
  • Rotating beltpack for accessing travel essentials
  • Backpack has dedicated pockets to conceal up to a 15” laptop and a 10” tablet
  • 2 bags in 1: Removable beltpack can be worn on its own for traveling light
Gear Profile
  • Beltpack: 8” tablet (iPad mini), large point and shoot camera, small electronics, guide books, maps, passport, tickets, currency, ID, food and more
  • Backpack: 15” laptop, 10” tablet, AC adapters, outlet converters, noise-canceling headphones, a jacket, extra clothes, books, hat, gloves, travel pillow, water bottle, food and more
  • Beltpack Camera Profile: Nikon P7800, Canon G16, Sony RX100 and Sony a5100 with pancake lens, or similar sized cameras
Rain Cover (sold separately)


Nylon 190T Ripstop treated with a durable water-repellant (DWR) coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating for superior water-resistance. View Product.