UltraLight Camera Cover 10

SKU#: MS700

As the first of its kind, the UltraLight Camera Cover provides simple protection to freely access your camera while hiking or during minimalist endeavors. Lightly padded to protect your camera from debris and scratches, it has an integrated belt to keep your DSLR camera ready for anything and easily folds into itself for compact storage.

Available in three sizes. Prices range from $19.99 to $25.99. Camera strap not included.



Price: $19.99

Unstuff it, click the belt around your waist and you have a ready repository for your camera. For hikes into the wilderness, this would seem just the ticket!"

The Gadgeteer

Product Features:

  • Super lightweight cover, lightly padded
  • Ultra-compressible, stows easily
  • Integrated waist belt
  • Adjustable bungee for fitting multiple camera/lens combinations
  • Weather-resistant flap

Fits a small DSLR (Canon Rebel or Nikon D5200 series) with kit lens or short zoom OR fits a standard DSLR (Canon 5DMIII or Nikon D810 series) with prime lens hood reversed or short zoom without hood. The UltraLight Camera Cover 10 holds a zoom in the “lens out” position only.

UltraLight Camera Cover 10Un-stuff cover from reversible pouch and turn inside out

Fasten the integrated belt around your waist

With the camera strap around your neck, place the camera inside the cover

Synch up the drawstring and stretch the flap over the lens


How to use the UltraLight Camera Cover

*Cannot be used with a bottom mounted camera strap like the Black Rapid.